Building Canada Funds Flow to Havre Boucher Antigonish

first_imgResidents of Havre Boucher and Antigonish will benefit from improved drinking water and wastewater treatment thanks to a shared investment by the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia under the Communities Component of the Building Canada plan. The $3.1-million investment, which will be shared between the two communities, was made today, March 27, by Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Economic Development, on behalf of Jamie Muir, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations and Peter MacKay, Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, on behalf of Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. “These investments will help build a strong, healthy and vibrant province at the community level,” said Mr. MacIsaac. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with all levels of government to benefit families today and for the years to come.” “Through these investments, the government of Canada is demonstrating its commitment to building stronger and more vibrant communities throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada,” said Mr. MacKay. “These projects, announced under the Building Canada plan, demonstrate government’s commitment to improving community infrastructure and providing a cleaner environment.” Under the Communities Component of the Building Canada fund, the federal, provincial and municipal governments anticipate investing $111 million in infrastructure projects in smaller communities across Nova Scotia by 2014. The government of Canada, the province of Nova Scotia and the municipality of Antigonish are each investing $1,435,000 to design and build a new water-treatment facility and expand its wastewater collection system in Havre Boucher. The project will mean about 75 households using aging, malfunctioning on-site sewage systems will have wastewater collected and treated at the new plant. Another 115 households currently connected to the collection system will also have wastewater treated at the new plant. Eligible costs are $4.3 million. The government of Canada, the province of Nova Scotia and the town of Antigonish are each contributing $153,000 to install 1,100 water meters for customers currently on a flat-rate. The meters will ensure a fair system based on actual water use, as well as provide the town with a true picture of the amount of water treated and distributed. Project costs are $459,000. “It’s great to see both the federal and provincial governments continuing their support and investment in infrastructure at the community level,” said Robert Wrye, president of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities. In November the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia signed a framework agreement under Building Canada, which is the government of Canada’s $33-billion plan to invest in infrastructure that will support a growing economy, a cleaner environment and stronger communities. Through the framework agreement, the government of Canada is committing to a new investment of more than $634 million towards infrastructure needs in the province by 2014.last_img read more

Ban to extend independent probe into Bhutto killing

31 December 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is to extend the mandate of the independent United Nations commission charged with examining the facts and circumstances behind the December 2007 assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto by another three months, it was announced today. According to a statement issued by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban has informed both the Pakistani Government and Security Council of his intention to extend the Commission of Inquiry’s mandate, which began on 1 July.The probe was due to submit its report today, but “because of the substantial amount of information collected by the Commission in Pakistan and further follow up work that remains, the Commissioners requested additional time to complete their report,” the Secretary-General said.Set up following a request from the Pakistani Government, the Commission has met with dozens of individuals and made several trips to the South Asian nation.After wrapping up its work, the probe will submit its report to Mr. Ban, who will also share it with the Government of Pakistan.The Commission is headed by Ambassador Heraldo Muñoz of Chile, and its other members are Marzuki Darusman, the former attorney-general of Indonesia, and Peter Fitzgerald, a veteran of the Irish National Police who has also served the UN in a number of capacities. read more

Army says GTF detached from ground realities

“Do not be surprised if they release more pictures in the future as well to sensationalize their claim,” he added.Deputy British Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg, Senior Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and former Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Warsi were among those attended a meeting organized by the GTF recently.Leader of the British Opposition and Labour Leader Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey and Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander were also in attendance. (Colombo Gazette) The army says the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is detached from the ground realities that prevail in Sri Lanka, particularly in the north and east of the country.Military Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya, in a statement, said that alleged war crimes images circulated by the GTF appears to be another “creation” to support their claim for an international investigation in Sri Lanka. The military spokesman said the objective of GTF is to lobby for the Eelam cause, i.e. establishing a separate state, on the pretext of fighting for justice for alleged war crimes against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. “They have been very successful in using the Tamil vote base in the UK to lure the support of few local political personalities in the UK. They use two LTTE fronts, namely Tamils for Conservative Party (TCP) and Tamils for Labour Party (TLP) to lobby for them not only in the UK but in several other Western countries. GTF’s latest fabrication by way of renewed allegation of war crimes by releasing allegedly new pictures is another attempt to influence the opinion of the international community.  This appears to be another fabrication by the GTF in an attempt to justify their continued call for an international investigation and to confuse the international community,” the army spokesman said.He claimed that there is no doubt that along with other pro LTTE organizations the GTF will continue their fabrications of this nature. The GTF is a global Tamil Diaspora organization led by Father S. J. Emmanuel which lobbies against the Sri Lankan government mostly from Britain. read more

Prasanna files complaint with EU observers

Ranatunga claimed the underworld members working in collusion with the UNP are preparing to prevent UPFA supporters from using their vote at some locations on election day. Western Province Chief Minister and United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidate at the Parliamentary election, Prasanna Ranatunga, filed a complaint with European Union (EU) election observers today over fears underworld members will be used by the ruling party during the polls.Ranatunga had told the EU observers that United National Party (UNP) member and Minister of Public Security, Law and Order John Amaratunga has threatened to use underworld members and the police to win the election next week. He told the EU observers that underworld groups were under control as a result of the actions taken by the former Government but now there is an attempt to allow such groups to operate once again. He also said that the UPFA does not have faith in the police since they are operating under Minister John Amaratunga. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Robinson says UN human rights mission to Middle East still reviewed by

“The visit is still under active review by the authorities,” Mary Robinson told the UN Commission on Human Rights, which mandated her to go to the region in response to the escalation of violence there.In her statement, which was delivered also on behalf of the mission’s other members – former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez and former African National Congress Secretary-General Cyril Ramaphosa – she stressed that they remained “ready to travel to the area.”Mrs. Robinson called attention to serious human rights violations in the region, including suicide bombings that killed Israeli civilians, and “extraordinary military measures” taken by the Israeli Defence Force in West Bank towns “which have left hundreds dead, thousands displaced and which has created enormous physical damage.” She added that the unresolved stand-off in Bethlehem and the virtual destruction of Jenin “are of deep concern to us all.””The tragic killings of Palestinians and Israelis must be brought to an end,” said the High Commissioner. She called for a process “to account for the death and destruction that has taken place,” saying her mission could play a preliminary role in that effort.”The international community cannot permit the indiscriminate killings of Israeli civilians or the wanton killings of Palestinian civilians and the destruction of the civilian infrastructure to support life,” she said. “Force should never triumph over justice; in the long run, justice must prevail.”In a related development, the Commission today voted 40 in favour and 5 opposed, with 7 abstentions, to adopt a resolution strongly condemning the war launched by the Israeli army against Palestinian towns and camps, saying that it had resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian civilians and calling on Israel to withdraw. The text also strongly condemned extra-judicial executions carried out by the Israeli army against Palestinians and the establishment of Israeli settlements. The five countries voting against the resolution were Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Guatemala and the United Kingdom, while Burundi, Cameroon, Croatia, Italy, Japan, Poland and Uruguay abstained. read more

General Assembly marks 60th anniversary of liberation of Nazi death camps

With everlasting regret for the past and “never again” resolve for the future, the United Nations today commemorated the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camps, symbol of the Holocaust that slaughtered at least 6 million Jews and others in World War II.“It is, above all, a day to remember not only the victims of past horrors, whom the world abandoned, but also the potential victims of present and future ones,” Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the 191-member General Assembly during its first-ever special commemorative session, noting that the United Nations itself was born out of the ashes of the Holocaust.“Such an evil must never be allowed to happen again. We must be on the watch for any revival of anti-Semitism and ready to act against the new forms of it that are appearing today,” he added, paying homage, too, to other groups slaughtered by Nazi Germany, including the Roma people, Slavs, Soviet prisoners of war, the handicapped, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals.“But the tragedy of the Jewish people was unique,” he stressed. “An entire civilization, which had contributed far beyond its numbers to the cultural and intellectual riches of Europe and the world, was uprooted, destroyed, laid waste.”Turning to more recent cases of genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, Mr. Annan declared: “On occasions such as this, rhetoric comes easily. We rightly say ‘never again.’ But action is much harder. Since the Holocaust the world has, to its shame, failed more than once to prevent or halt genocide.”He noted that even today “terrible things” are happening in Darfur, Sudan, where tens of thousands of people have died and nearly 2 million have been uprooted in fighting between the Government, pro-government militias and rebels. Tomorrow, he expected to receive an international report determining whether this constitutes genocide.The commemoration comes three days before the actual anniversary of the liberation by Soviet troops on 27 January 1945 of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp which, with its gas ovens and crematoria, came to epitomize more than any other the horror.Before the day-long session, which began with one minute of silence, Mr. Annan and his wife, Nane, hosted a coffee reception for death camp survivors and other distinguished guests, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.Among the host of speakers at the session from all regions of the world were the Foreign Ministers of Israel and Germany, heirs to the two sides of the Holocaust.The General Assembly President, Foreign Minister Jean Ping of Gabon, said the session was symbolic because, through it, the international community could finally, together, “exorcise the tragedy of the Holocaust and, by so doing, express its firm will to condemn to eternal failure tyranny and barbaric behaviour wherever that was displayed.”Brian Urquhart, a former UN Under-Secretary-General who was among the first Allied troops to reach the Bergen-Belsen death camp, told the session the inhuman conditions of the starving, broken and traumatized prisoners had to be seen to be believed. “The dead and dying were everywhere,” he said. “Who could imagine such horrors?” Like many other speakers, he raised the rallying cry of “never again.”Mr. Wiesel said Auschwitz was “an executioner’s ideal of a kingdom of absolute evil and malediction.” But he looked to the present and future, too, calling for the trial and punishment of those who today preach and practice the cult of death and use suicide terrorism. “The past is in the present, but the future is still in our hands,” he declared.For his part, Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said it was not too late to work for an international community that is uncompromising in combating intolerance against people of all faiths and ethnicities. “Let all of us gathered here pledge never to forget the victims, never to abandon the survivors, and never to allow such an event ever to be repeated,” he urged.German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said the UN was ideally suited for genocide prevention since no other organization had so much experience in conflict prevention and the promotion and protection of human rights. “Precisely because genocide never happens entirely without warning, we have to work on combating its harbingers,” he declared.Alpha Ibrahima Stoed, a Special Envoy of Guinea and speaking on behalf of African States, said the extermination of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust would continue to weigh heavily on the conscience of mankind. The African Group hoped that the special session would serve as a framework for more intensive thinking on ways to draw lessons from the Holocaust, as well as to address genocide, human rights abuses and racial discrimination.Ambassador Ravan AG Farhadi of Afghanistan, speaking on behalf of the Asian Group, said while the General Assembly was commemorating the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, it was high time, based on the lessons learned from that tragedy, to emphasize the central role of the United Nations in ensuring a system of genuine global security and promoting human rights and general human progress, in the face of the new threats and challenges.Speaking on behalf of the Eastern European Group, Ambassador Stefan Tafrov of Bulgaria said the Holocaust was a vivid example of the fact that when one minority was persecuted all minorities were threatened, and when all minorities were threatened everybody was threatened. Remembering that political and, above all, moral catastrophe of the past was the best way to fight the evils of the present, he added.Ambassador Manuel Acosta Bonilla of Honduras, speaking on behalf of the Group of Latin America and the Caribbean States, said it was important to ensure that genocide and other crimes against humanity and international humanitarian law must be confronted with comprehensive and powerful global legal measures. To that end, the creation of an international legal system and the fact that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had been established had been important steps towards achieving that goal. “We cannot leave such tragic and dark legacies to our children,” he said.Portuguese Ambassador João Salgueiro, speaking on behalf of the Western European and Other States Group, called on the Assembly to once again renew the vows of its foundation, “in particular to reaffirm our faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of all men and women and of all nations large and small.”After the session, Mr. Annan and Mr. Shalom were to formally open an exhibition entitled “Auschwitz – the Depth of the Abyss” in the northeast gallery of the General Assembly Visitors’ Lobby.The exhibit is comprised of two parts: the Auschwitz Album, consisting of the only surviving visual evidence of mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau from photos taken in May or June 1944 by an SS man of the selection process in which the fit were sent to work and the rest to the gas chambers; and Private Tolkatchev at Gates of Hell, the paintings by Ukrainian artist Zinovii Tolkatchev of the horrors of Majdanek extermination camp. – Morning session [3hrs 02mins]- Afternoon session [2hrs 53mins] Video of meeting: read more

UN rights chief hails new treaty protecting economic social cultural rights

The new measure, which came into force on 5 May, is known as the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. It will allow individuals or groups to file a complaint with the UN if their rights are infringed by a Member State that is party to the Protocol, lifting these rights to equal standing with all other human rights protected within the panoply of international law. In a statement celebrating the occasion as “a major advance,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, voiced hope that the Protocol would finally fill a long-time gap in international law. “Egregious violations of economic, social and cultural rights are occurring, often unnoticed, on a daily basis, which in the area of civil and political rights would have been immediately condemned,” said Ms. Pillay in a news release.“This Protocol will help to address this imbalance.”According to the Protocol, citizens of signatory nations will be permitted to appeal to the UN’s Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on specific rights-related cases after they have exhausted all attempts to find justice in their respective countries. In addition, the Protocol grants the Committee authorization to conduct inquiries if it receives reliable information indicating “grave or systematic violations by a State party of any of the rights covered by the Covenant,” the statement read. “I am confident that these mechanisms will make it possible for the Committee to assist States and other stakeholders to get to the root causes of violations of economic, social and cultural rights,” the High Commissioner continued. The Protocol took effect three months after Uruguay became the required tenth country to ratify it – joining Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mongolia, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. Ms. Pillay welcomed Uruguay’s signing back in February and urged other States among the 160 that are already party to the Covenant to ratify the Optional Protocol as soon as possible. “The Protocol makes a strong and unequivocal statement about the equal value and importance of all human rights and the need for strengthened legal protection of economic, social and cultural rights in particular,” Ms. Pillay stated. read more

UN General Assembly creates International Day for small mediumsized enterprises

Recognizing the importance of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises in achieving the new global development goals, the United Nations General Assembly today designated 27 June as International Day for those actors.In a resolution adopted without a vote, the 193-member body also invited all stakeholders, including Member States, UN entities and civil society organizations, to observe the Day and raise public awareness of their contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which the Assembly adopted in September 2015.The resolution was introduced by the delegation of Argentina, with its representative stating that more than 95 per cent of enterprises in the world are micro-, small- and medium-sized and they account for about 60 per cent of private sector employment.“These enterprises can in fact become the engines that sustain growth for long-term development in developing countries,” the representative said, thanking the contribution made by the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) to the creation of the Day. ICSB held its 61st Annual World Conference here at United Nations last year, in which authorities from over 55 countries participated. In that occasion, ICSB made a declaration about the urgent need to have a day to recognize the important role of micro, small, and medium enterprises in the development of economies as a whole. read more

Watch the newborn cheetah cub exploring at Fota Wildlife Park

first_imgSource: FacebookFOTA WILDLIFE PARK in Cork is still looking for a name for its newborn cheetah cub, which was revealed to the public at the weekend.Staff at the park have also begun releasing video and images of the five week old cub, which is the first born at Fota for five years.This adorable short film is just the thing to ease us all into our Bank Holiday Tuesday: Source: Neil Danton Source: FotawildlifeThe cub, which is being hand-reared by Head Warden Willie Duffy, will be given a name next week .Suggestions are still being taken on Fota’s Facebook page, or via Twitter using the #FotaCheetahCub hashtag.More: Fota Wildlife Park celebrates birth of baby cheetah>Watch: Cork penguin becomes YouTube sensation>More Cmdr Hadfield thanks man who ran Dublin marathon dressed as him>last_img read more

Japans Prime Minister defends ancient practice of dolphin hunting

first_imgIn every country and region, there are practices and ways of living and culture that have been handed down from ancestors. Naturally, I feel that these should be respected.Activists from the international militant environmental group Sea Shepherd have streamed live footage of the dolphin capture in Taiji, which caught the worldwide spotlight in 2010 when it became the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove.DefendersDefenders of the hunt say it is a tradition and point out that the animals it targets are not endangered, a position echoed by the Japanese government.They say Western objections are hypocritical and ignore the vastly larger number of cows, pigs and sheep butchered to satisfy demand elsewhere.- © AFP, 2014Read: Annual Japanese dolphin hunt documented in ‘The Cove’ begins amid US criticism> PRIME MINISTER SHINZO Abe has defended Japan’s dolphin hunting and asked the world to understand that the controversial tradition is part of its culture and financially supports fishing communties.Taiji villageThe annual catch, in which residents of Taiji village corral hundreds of dolphins into a secluded bay and kill them, sparked renewed global criticism after US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy tweeted her concern earlier this month at the “inhumaneness” of the hunt.But Abe defended the traditional catch.“The dolphin fishing that takes place in Taiji town is an ancient fishing practice rooted in their culture… and supports their livelihoods,” he told CNN in an interview uploaded onto the broadcaster’s Japanese website late Friday.“We hope you will understand this,” he added, noting that he was aware of criticism of the hunt.last_img read more

Monopoly goes 21st century with computer in board game

first_imgWhen it comes to technology, board games are usually blissfully outdated. People play board games to get away from the LCD inundation and computer overload. But Hasbro is releasing a fresh new version of Monopoly that brings it into the next generation and tries to appeal to technophiles.Monopoly Live incorporates four electronic card swipes, special debit cards, and a towering computer in the middle of the board. The “smart” board game keeps track of everyone’s money and where their token is on the board, so cheating in this game is getting harder and harder.The core of the game doesn’t really change, so the 108-year-old Monopoly legacy is still kicking, but it’s nice to see something new and fresh spicing things up. Monopoly Live will go on sale this fall for $50.Via Uber Gizmolast_img read more

Splashtop OS brings instant on functionality to all laptops

first_imgAs a proud owner of a MacBook Air, let me tell you something: the ability to just open your computer and do work instantly, as if it were a tablet, is just something you can’t come back from. Unfortunately, not all computers support instant-on, but if you’ve got an older laptop, you can still get some semblance of instant-on computing, just by installing Splashtop OS.You’ve probably heard of Splashtop before: a couple years ago, Splashtop made an impression for allowing laptops to almost instantly boot up for the most common tasks, like Gmail, Skype or search. Over the past couple of years, select OEMs like Acer, Asus and HP have shipped computers with the software, allowing users to choose between a more stripped down but instantly booting OS or Windows 7 at startup.Until now, though, Splashtop hasn’t been available for free download: you got it through your computer’s manufacturer, or not at all. That’s now changes, though: if you’ve got a laptop with a compatible BIOS, Splashtop’s now just a download and quick install away from running on your laptop.It’s pretty easy to see why Splashtop has suddenly started just giving their product away: they know their OS isn’t long for this world. Splashtop was a great product when physical hard drives ruled the roost, but as SSDs become more ubiquitous, instant-on computing will come to all computers. Even netbooks with traditional, spinning hard drives now have more full-featured operating systems like Chrome OS to rely upon.That all said, if you’ve got a legacy laptop and simply want to supplement your OS with instant on capabilities? SplashTop’s a good choice.Read more at Splashtoplast_img read more

This computer algorithm composes coherent symphonies

first_imgProfessor Francisco Vico and a team of researchers at the University of Malaga in Spain created a computer program that can compose music. However, it doesn’t just create random noise that meets the technical definition of music, but can compose coherent symphonies that actually sound decent when played. In fact, it composed an entire album that was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.The program, called Iamus, has — perhaps oddly — composed over one billion songs, which will be put on sale free of royalties. The system used to create the music, as Vico calls it, is melomics. Though humans programmed the system, Iamus can run on its own afterwards, creating music without human input.Interestingly and perhaps deviously, Vico noted in an interview with the Huffington Post that his software could be used for subliminal advertising purposes. He was able to reverse engineer the musical structure of the iconic Nokia ringtone, and his software made one million variants of it. Vico said this could be used as subliminal advertising — hearing something that isn’t actually a jingle, but still reminds you of that jingle.Vico also envisions Iamus being able to create music that fits your mood. Rather than feeling energetic-but-secretly-sad today and then loading a ska playlist, you could tell Iamus your mood, and it could create original music to fit that mood. Coupled with some kind of mood-detecting app, Iamus could change the kind of music it creates to make sure you still aren’t listening to ska when you’re trying to fall asleep.As for the future of Vico’s melomics, he feels that by the end of this year his software will be creating music that people won’t be able to differentiate from something made by a human. As cool as that sounds, we’re not looking forward to when bands start protesting about how robots took their jobs.last_img read more

Evening poll Should people have to pay their TV licence to watch

first_img Image: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article YesNoNo interest/No opinionVote Image: Poll Results: 25,450 Views Share Tweet Email No interest/No opinion (1060) Short URLcenter_img Yes (5651) Evening poll: Should people have to pay their TV licence to watch the RTÉ player? The financial struggles at RTÉ have been in the news a lot in recent days. No (9424) By Garreth MacNamee Apr 4th 2017, 9:05 PM Tuesday 4 Apr 2017, 9:05 PM 87 Comments THE LICENCE FEE has been in the news quite a bit in the last few weeks. RTÉ are struggling financially and ways of bringing in more revenue are under constant review.In a new measure being explored, people may have to input a TV licence number into the RTÉ Player if they want to access programmes in the near future.So, this evening we’re asking: Should people have to pay their TV licence to watch the RTÉ player? last_img read more

Man injured in Orchards crash Monday morning

first_imgA 61-year-old man was transported to a local hospital for treatment after a two-car crash on Northeast 117th Avenue Monday morning.The Washington State Patrol reported the crash occurred at 9:44 a.m. at the intersection of 117th Avenue and Northeast 71st Street.Joshua T. Wilson, 21, of Battle Ground was driving a black Honda Civic and trying to make a left turn from 71st Street onto 117th Avenue when he failed to yield the right of way to an oncoming 2012 Toyota Tacoma pickup, troopers said.The driver of the Tacoma, Jimmy A. Randles of Vancouver, was transported to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center for treatment of unspecified injuries. He was treated then released Monday afternoon, according to the hospital.Wilson was to receive a citation for failing to yield the right of way, according to troopers.last_img read more

Suspect in Kelso store clerk’s death arrested in Camas

first_imgD’Anthony Leslie Williams. (Kelso Police Department) KELSO ­— Police in Camas arrested a suspect Wednesday in the shooting of 30-year-old Kayla Chapman during a robbery at the Kelso Quik Chek Market on Tuesday morning.D’Anthony Leslie Williams, 19, was arrested without incident, according to a Kelso police press release. He was booked in the Cowlitz County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a stolen vehicle.Vancouver police, Camas police and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office also helped with the arrest. Police located the stolen car allegedly used by Williams in the shooting in Vancouver, according to the press release.The shooting, which occurred several minutes after 4 a.m. Tuesday, shocked a small neighborhood that saw Chapman as a kind, funny, and vivacious face in the community. In person and over social media, dozens recounted small interactions with her at the Quik Chek, where she was an upbeat employee, patient with customers and generous toward local homeless people.The suspect arrived in a white four-door sedan that had other occupants, police said, before robbing the store and shooting Chapman. She was the only person in the store at the time.last_img read more

Tony Gervino Named Billboards EditorinChief

first_imgSeparately, Billboard also announced the recent hire of Mike Bruno as vice president of digital content. Bruno came to the title from Entertainment Weekly where he led content and supervised the launch of the brand’s digital news division.Billboard is still a hot commodity more than 60 years after starting to cover the music charts, which now includes a database that reaches dozens of genres in more than 100 countries.  Currently, receives more than 3 million unique visitors every month, while the brand’s televised awards show, the Billboard Music Awards, was recently inducted into min’s FAME Hall of Fame, which recognizes the most durable, innovative and iconic events in the world of media publishing. Guggenheim Media Entertainment Group named Tony Gervino, former executive editor at Hearst Magazines International, successor to Billboard magazine editor-in-chief Bill Werde, as editor Joe Levy shifts responsibility to the new position of editor-at-large on April 28.The announcement, made Monday, was the latest action taken by Guggenheim in its effort to restructure Billboard. The new leadership is lead by the company’s co-president and chief creative officer Janice Min who oversees all aspects of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.“Tony has both the editorial vision and newsroom drive to lead Billboard into its next act,” says Min in a statement. “His enthusiasm and knowledge for music and editing, plus a demonstrated track record in the creation of compelling content on both a niche and mass scale make him an excellent choice.”In his previous position at Hearst, Gervino oversaw the editorial direction of all the publisher’s magazines groups including home design, men’s enthusiast, teen and its women’s network. In addition to guiding all staff decisions, several titles were launched and brand initiatives created under his management for Hearst titles like Car & Driver, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Robb Report and House Veranda.Levy’s transition to editor-at-large signals his return to writing as the company announced he will pen features, covers and special content for both the magazine and website, in addition to some editing work. During his long tenure in the business, Levy has held various positions including editor-in-chief of Blender, executive editor of Rolling Stone, senior editor of Details and chief content officer of Maxim.last_img read more

USB4 marries Thunderbolt 3 for faster speeds and smarter transfers

first_img Post a comment Now playing: Watch this: See all the best laptops from CES 2019 See all the best laptops of CES 2019 40 Photos The USB Promoter Group — an association comprising Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Renesas, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments — today announced the pending USB4 specification, slated to deliver 40-gigabit-per-second throughput and support for host-based algorithms to more efficiently handle data operations. USB4 will use the same USB-C connector we’ve grown used to and still require specific cables to obtain the maximum 40Gbps (5,000 MBps) throughput; with standard cables, it goes up to 20Gbps (2,500MBps). It will still be able to communicate with devices as far back as USB 2.0, too. Laptops Components Phones Desktops Share your voice Tags 17:56 0 From a user standpoint, you probably won’t notice much difference, with possibly two exceptions. Because Intel’s building TB3 support into its 10nm Ice Lake architecture, Windows users won’t have to deal with an extra Thunderbolt driver to take advantage of it and developers won’t have to rely on one. Plus,  because of that and its backward compatibility, and the fact that Intel gave the Thunderbolt protocols to the USB Promoter Group royalty-free, expect to see USB4 adopted more widely than the remarkably similar USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (aka USB 3.2).Of course, it takes a while to get from “specification” to “implementation,” so it could be a while until it takes off. Hardware with Intel’s Ice Lake chips isn’t hitting the stores until the end of 2019 the earliest, and it probably will be at least another six months minimum before a significant number of systems have incorporated it.  Intellast_img read more

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Best tablet deals 749 iPad Pro 249 iPad

first_img Share your voice 0 Sarah Tew/CNET Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET Apple iPad (save $80) Sarah Tew/CNET The savings might not be much, but it’s still the lowest price we’ve seen on this brand-new iPad Mini since it was announced earlier this year. The 64GB iPad Mini is available now for $385, or $15 off the typical $399 price. If you want even more storage, save $30 with the 256GB option. The 50 weirdest Amazon Prime Day deals ever $749 at Amazon Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors (save $50) Best Buy $100 at Amazon Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest sales events of the year, officially kicked off yesterday on July 15 and will continue to runs for the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, rival retailers like Walmart, Target and eBay are jumping into the fray with their own sales during the same period. But if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a new iPad or Amazon Fire tablet, you don’t have to wait: All current Amazon and Apple tablets are on sale right now. Air, Pro or Mini? Take your pick, we’ve highlighted our favorite deals below.Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Tablets $150 at Amazon Prime Day 2019: The leftovers Walmart’s final day of anti-Prime Day deals After Amazon Prime Day 2019: You can still snag deals on the Echo and Echo Dot 4 great cheap deals you can get anytime Amazon Prime Day 2019: Fire TV deals end, but Roku discounts still going strong Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best deals on Chromebooks, gaming laptops and MacBooks Post-Prime Day deals from Vizio: Save up to $1,200 on TVs, $200 on an Atmos sound bar Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier iPad 32GB, $249 50 Photos (save $30) Save $40 See It Mentioned Above Apple iPad 2018 (space gray, 32GB) The best Prime Day deals still available The best Walmart Summer Sale deals still available AirPods, iPads, Apple Watch and MacBooks still on sale Prime Day is over, but these laptop deals aren’t: Big price cuts on Chromebooks, MacBooks and more (save $15) See the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet review We’ve seen the price of Apple’s entry-level iPad dip before, but this is about as low as it gets. You can typically get a brand-new 32GB iPad at the already reasonable price of $329, but it’s currently $80 off. For the art lovers in your life, this model offers support for the Apple Pencil, a stylus that lets you scribble and draw on the screen with incredible accuracy. The All-New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet usually costs $50. But right now, it’s discounted down to just $30. Amazon Prime Day $249 Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, $50 See It Apple iPad Mini 2019 for $384 Read about the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet $329 Amazon Fire 8 Kids Edition Tablet, $80 Review • Apple iPad 2018 review: The iPad for everyone Save $50 on the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, just $80, or get two for $140 — a $120 saving. CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Save $40 on the All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet, just $60, or get two for $100 — a $100 saving. See also Save $50 Save $30 on the Fire HD 8 tablet, just $50, or get two for $80 — an $80 saving. Tags $50 at Amazon Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, $60 Save $50 This isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen on Apple’s latest 11-inch iPad Pro, but it’s still an adequate discount. You’ll get $50 off the two lower storage versions (64GB and 256GB), and even greater discounts are available for higher storage and some cellular models. Read the iPad Pro review Prime Day iPad deals: Available nowWe’re already seeing a number of bargains on iPads ahead of Prime Day, including the entry-level 32GB iPad for $249, the 128GB model for $329, and the 11-inch iPad Pro for $749. Read on to find out the best iPad deals on Amazon. Save $50 on the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet, just $150, or get two for $280 — a $120 saving. These come with 32GB of storage on board. $385 at Amazon Apple Save $50 Amazon Apple See also Read the Apple iPad 2018 review Apple See the Amazon Fire 8 Kids Edition Tablet review $80 at Amazon reading • Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best tablet deals, $749 iPad Pro, $249 iPad, $50 Fire HD 8, $30 Fire tablet See the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet review All Amazon Fire tablets are on sale nowFrom the All-New Amazon Fire 7 to the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, here’s a roundup of the Amazon Fire tablet deals available now. No need to wait till Monday. $249 $60 at Amazon Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet, $100 See it Apple 1:43 $249 at Amazon Save $20 All-New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, $30 See It Save $30 iPad Pro 11-inch, $749 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet, $150 See the Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet review $249 iPad Pro 12.9-inch, $948 $469 at Amazon Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. $948 at Amazon iPad Air 2019 10.5-inch, $469 Apple’s latest iPad Air boasts a 10.5-inch Retina display and the same A12 Bionic processor featured in the iPhone XS. The 65GB option is currently available for $469, or $30 off. While that’s not a huge saving, it’s still a decent deal compared to the usual $499 list price. Now playing: Watch this: See All See the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet review Post a comment Apple doesn’t have a lot of competition when it comes to great tablets, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro makes that gap even more noticeable. You can currently get it for $949, or $50 off the list price, for the 64GB option. Snag even bigger discounts if you move up to higher capacity and cellular options. • Amazon Prime Day 2019: Everything to know Amazon Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it (save $50) $30 at Amazon Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? Save $50 on the Fire HD 10 tablet, just $100, or get two for $180 — a $120 saving. Read the iPad Mini 2019 reviewlast_img read more

PM reaches Abu Dhabi en route to NY

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina. File photoPrime minister Sheikh Hasina arrived in Abu Dhabi on Saturday afternoon en route to New York to attend the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).A Biman Bangladesh Airlines VVIP flight carrying the PM and her entourage members landed at Abu Dhabi Airport in the UAE capital at 4:40pm local time, PM’s press secretary Ihsanul Karim told BSS.Bangladesh ambassador to the UAE Muhammad Imran received the prime minister at the airport.Earlier, Sheikh Hasina left Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka for Abu Dhabi at 2:10 pm (BST).After making stopover in the UAE capital, Sheikh Hasina will leave for New York by an Etihad Airways flight at 10:15am on Sunday Abu Dhabi time.The flight is scheduled to reach John F Kennedy International Airport in New York at 4:20pm local time the same day.Bangladesh ambassador to USA M Ziauddin and Bangladesh’s permanent representative to UN Masud Bin Momen will receive the prime minister at the airport.During her visit, the prime minister will stay in Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York.Sheikh Hasina will address the UNGA in the afternoon on 21 September and have a bilateral meeting with UN secretary general Antonio Guterres on the same day.On 18 September, the prime minister will attend a high-level meeting on UN Reforms to be hosted by US president Donald Trump and a high-level meeting on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse at UN Headquarters (UNHQ).last_img read more