Drought Intensifies.

first_imgSoil Moisture Low …A bigger concern than the lack of rain is the lack of soil moisture. Soil-moisturemodels from the National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration’s Climate Prediction Centerindicate that soil moisture across the state is between the first and 10th percentiles forthe last day of May.At the first percentile, we would expect soils to have more moisture in 99 of 100years. At the 10th, we would expect the soils to have more moisture in nine out of 10years.With little soil-moisture recharge last winter, reserves are quickly being depleted.One measure of the rate at which soil moisture is changing is the waterbalance, a simple moisture accounting system…. And Getting LowerTo calculate the water balance, take the rainfall during a given period and subtractthe soil-moisture loss due to evaporation and plants’ water use during that period. Anegative water balance means that the soils lost moisture during the period. A positivevalue means the soils gained moisture.Between April 1 and May 30, all Georgia locations lost soil moisture. Somewater-balance values include -10.74 inches at Dublin, -10.50 at Tifton, -10.48 at Newton,-9.65 at Midville, -9.51 at Fort Valley, -9.09 at Vidalia, -7.98 at Griffin, -6.96 atCamilla, -6.93 at Watkinsville, -6.66 at Alma, -5.54 at Valdosta, -4.86 at Jonesboro,-4.39 at Duluth, -3.44 at Gainesville, -2.48 at Rome and -0.75 at Blairsville.Streamflows statewide remain at record- to near-record-low flows for the end of May. TheAltamaha, Flint, Little, Ocmulgee, Oconee, Ohoopee and St. Mary’s rivers set dailylow-flow records for May 31. Wildfire Dangers RisingWildfire dangers are increasing. A measure of wildfire drought is the Keetch-Byram Drought Index from the U.S. Forest Service. The KBDI scale runs from zero to800.As of May 30, KBDI values were greater than 600 across the southern quarter of Georgia.KBDI values greater than 500 were south of the fall line (Columbus to Macon to Augusta).With KBDI values greater than 500, expect excessive site damage when fires break out.With values greater than 600, just suppressing fires becomes a major problem.Drought Likely to ContinueI expect the drought to continue through the summer, barring a tropical weather system.This outlook is based on two factors.The first is that with normal weather, soils in Georgia lose moisture during thesummer. Thus, even if Georgia returns to normal rainfall patterns, the soils will keepgetting drier.The second factor is the lack of soil moisture for thunderstorms. During the summer,most of Georgia’s rain is the result of scattered afternoon and evening storms. Without areadily available local supply of moisture, these storms will be diminished. Keetch-Byram Drought Index June 1, 2000 Source: Climate Prediction Center, NOAAcenter_img ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia’s dry May has intensified drought conditionsstatewide.Many places in middle and south Georgia had less than an inch of rain in May. Acrossnorth Georgia, May rainfall totals were generally less than 2.5 inches. Normal rain totalsfor May should be between 3.5 inches along the coast to almost 5 inches in the mountains.In middle and south Georgia, rainfall totals for May include 0.04 inches at Tifton,0.21 at Newton and Vidalia, 0.30 at Macon, 0.34 at Camilla, 0.36 at Augusta, 0.41 atDublin, 0.57 at Fort Valley, 0.66 at Alma, 0.78 at Columbus, 0.96 at Savannah, 1.08 atValdosta, and 1.18 at Midville.Rainfall was greater in north Georgia but still well below normal. May totals were 1.07inches at Rome, 1.14 at Watkinsville, 1.51 at Griffin, 1.62 at Blairsville, 1.85 atAtlanta, 2.02 at Duluth, 2.17 at Athens, 2.52 at Jonesboro, and 2.77 at Gainesville. The higher the KBDI numbers, the greater the danger of wildfire. In areas where the numbers are 600 or greater, just putting fires out becomes a problem. Most of south Georgia is above 600.last_img read more

Trade fair promotes Antique tour sites, local products

first_imgShe said next year, DOT-6 is planningto focus on the promotion of lesser-explored provinces such as Antique andGuimaras. “In agriculture, tourism, trade,culture, and environment sectors, you name it, Antique’s time has come,”Catalbas added. Food exhibitors from the province werealso present, including the Laua-an Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Ariana’s CocoProducts, Enriqueta’s, Bulolacao-Calooy-Tulatula-Sikap Organization, 2Ms, CampEufre Farmers Association, Esparar Multi-Purpose Cooperative, and the StoneCave United La-Union Farmers Association, which brought the province’s localproducts ranging from “muscovado” sugar, candies, virgin coconut oil products,roasted coffee, peanut, taro chips, sweet potato chips, ginger, turmeric,squash, monggo, “kadyos,” “batwan,” corn, “gabi,” canton squash, to “moringga”powder. Deputy speaker Loren Legarda (5th from left), Gov. Rhodora Cadiao (3rd from right) and officials of the Department of Tourism-Antique lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Philippine Harvest at the Central Square in Taguig City on Nov. 29. PNA/JOYCE ROCAMORA “I have committed to dedicate 2020 to Antiqueand Guimaras because all our local government units are already up there butthese two provinces are still way below. They are among the smallest in thecountry,” Catalbas added.  “The province of Antique has a strongemerging tourist destination in Western Visayas. It has pristine beaches,majestic sceneries, unique adventures, exotic beaches, and agriculturalproducts derived from homegrown coconut, sugarcane, banana, cassava, and sweetpotato,” DOT-6 director Helen Catalbas said on Friday. SAN JOSE, Antique – The local foodproducts unique in this province, and its nature destinations, were under thespotlight during the 2019 Philippine Harvest Antique – a Department of Tourism(DOT) initiative launched in Taguig City.  Over 10 weaving associations sold theprovince’s famous “patadyong” or multi-functional wrap-around cloth made ofcotton blends in plaid pattern, and hand-woven scarf, shawl, bags, T-shirts,shoes, hand-painted pillows, “bariw” and “banig” bags, place mats, carpets, hotpods, runners, embroidered products, and accessories. Philippine Harvest is a trade fairthat brings together the “best” of what each region across the country has tooffer. For its seventh edition, Antique was the focus.(With a report from PNA/PN)last_img read more

70 firefighters on Beatton Airport Road fire

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — As of Friday, the Beatton Airport Road Fire is 40 per cent contained.Fire Information Officer Amanda Reynolds confirmed that 70 firefighters are on scene, along with three helicopters bucketing hot spots and heavy equipment.She says similar temperatures and winds were experienced yesterday, but didn’t have issues then. Crews are watching the winds closely now.- Advertisement -The fire is still 7,035 hectares in size.last_img

All About Makeup Air

first_imgMost homes have several appliances or fans that expel air from the home: one or more bathroom exhaust fans, a clothes dryer, a range hood fan, a gas furnace, or a wood stove. The rate at which these appliances expel air is usually expressed in cubic feet per minute. What are typical air flow rates for exhaust appliances? Here’s a guide:Common sense tells us that if a fan is expelling 100 cubic feet of air per minute from your house, then an equal volume of air (“makeup air”) must be leaking into your house at the same time to replace the exhausted air. If your house is old and leaky, the makeup air enters through random cracks in your home’s thermal envelope. But if your house is relatively tight, you may need to provide a deliberate source of makeup air whenever high-cfm exhaust appliances are operating. (For more information on this topic, see “Makeup Air for Range Hoods.”)Some builders use the following basic (but imperfect) rule of thumb: “Most houses don’t have to supply makeup air for exhaust appliances rated at 400 cfm or less.”This rule of thumb is actually enshrined in the building code. It can be found in the 2009 IRC, section M1503.4, which states: “Exhaust hood systems capable of exhausting in excess of 400 cfm shall be provided with makeup air at a rate approximately equal to the exhaust air rate. Such makeup air systems shall be equipped with a means of closure and shall be automatically controlled to start and operate simultaneously with the exhaust system.”(Note that the 2015 version of the IRC includes slightly modified language for this section of the code. For more information the changes, see “M1504.4, Makeup air for range hoods.”)This rule of thumb works in most homes, where… This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details.center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img read more

Ohio State Fans Are Blasting Mark May With GameDay Signs

first_imgMark May talks before being laid off by ESPN.Ohio State fans hate Mark May for a number of reasons – but mostly because he constantly picks against the Buckeyes. Saturday, at College GameDay a number of OSU supporters are getting their revenge. May is the subject of dozens of signs – a number of which we’ve highlighted below.Some are NSFW, per usual. Others are just [email protected]_may pic.twitter.com/hx1qs9WupK— Josh Moore (@jmoore2321) November 21, [email protected] Mark May: “I can count to potato” pic.twitter.com/vUPZxXVXba— Jeff Tew (@SquirrelTew) November 21, 2015“Mark May DVRs FanDuel commercials” pic.twitter.com/wjEizHl6DZ— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 21, [email protected]_may @si_ncaafb @CollegeGameDay pic.twitter.com/97JuknTsgk— Andrew Crick (@andrewmcrick) November 21, 2015Mark May DVR’s FanDuel commercials pic.twitter.com/kRBHvIagBe— Busted College (@BustedCollege) November 21, 2015Mark May is a douche pic.twitter.com/xEpfMaR0Sw— Clay Brown (@cmurda53) November 21, 2015Mark May studied geography with Ben Carson pic.twitter.com/Zq5rST3XrV— Busted College (@BustedCollege) November 21, [email protected]_may #CollegeGameDay pic.twitter.com/yeNwjre2ng— Simon Dallas (@NaniDallas) November 21, 2015More love for Mark May pic.twitter.com/uvhpaw47z5— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 21, 2015Mark May is still loved at The Ohio State lol…… Go Bucks pic.twitter.com/I5qCXWTqbn— Rod Olmstead (@RodOlmstead) November 21, [email protected]_LisSis‘ sign on @CollegeGameDay is hilarious: @mark_may wears mom jeans” #buckeyes pic.twitter.com/d8TtG0xPdC— Jordan Uhl (@JordanUhl) November 21, 2015M-Momma says Mark May is the devil #Creativity #CollegeGameDay pic.twitter.com/uH2DZCLMiS— Chris Mayo (@ChrisMayo_1) November 21, 2015He said it’s a cross between Harbaugh & Mark May. Didn’t really get it. pic.twitter.com/lZ4iBt1yYE— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 20, 2015Also this gem. @CollegeGameDay @mark_may pic.twitter.com/chNqQZI47n— Matthew Montgomery (@Montgomery707) November 21, [email protected] Mark May on #CollegeGameDay is barnacles! pic.twitter.com/vRHFKtrfMG— Ed Lupp (@VeNGNCE) November 21, 2015Ohio State and Michigan State kick off at 3:30 PM ET.last_img read more

Enhanced Security Measures Suppressing Gang Activities in St. James

first_img The St. James Police Division is expressing satisfaction at how the Enhanced Security Measures in the parish have been progressing, particularly the impact in suppressing gang activities. Story Highlights “We have applied for 10 detention orders from the Minister (of National Security) to have some of these persons remanded in custody for an extended period of time. We also intend to apply for detention orders for a further seven who are in custody,” he explained. The St. James Police Division is expressing satisfaction at how the Enhanced Security Measures in the parish have been progressing, particularly the impact in suppressing gang activities.Authorised Officer for Detainees, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Ainsley McCarthy, told JIS News in an interview on Thursday, March 1, that during the period ending February 28, a total of 916 persons were taken into custody.He said 65 of the detainees were charged for “various offences” and that 24 of the 916 still remain in detention. He said among those detained were 37 juveniles between the ages of 15 and 17, who were processed and later released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).“Of the 24 persons that we have in custody, we have an interest in a number of them, who are in some way or another related to gangs,” DSP McCarthy said.“We have applied for 10 detention orders from the Minister (of National Security) to have some of these persons remanded in custody for an extended period of time. We also intend to apply for detention orders for a further seven who are in custody,” he explained.DSP McCarthy said since some of the detainees were taken into custody during the Enhanced Security Measures, there has been a noticeable decrease in gang activities and the “parish has been returning to some sort of normalcy”.He noted that at the beginning of the operations, “there were some opening guidelines for shops, bars, clubs, gas stations and other businesses, but those hours were reviewed and extended” and the Constabulary is “pleased with the results that we are seeing so far”.DSP McCarthy said the issue of overcrowding and other glitches that were experienced in the initial stages of the operations have been resolved, resulting in less persons showing up at the facility “in search of loved ones” who were detained.“At the beginning, there were some teething problems, as you would have at the initial stage of any development. That has been ironed out,” he said.Turning to other matters, the officer said the JCF is imploring members of the public who experience delays in traffic flow at vehicle checkpoints at the various parish borders “to be patient and just work with the security forces as they try to resolve the issues that had put St. James on the map in a negative way”.He also urged residents of St. James and other neighbouring parishes to “work along with the security forces” and ensure they report any new persons they see coming into their districts, as many Wanted Men “are trying to make their way into other districts as a means to elude the police”.“The security forces will be in your space for a period of time. See it as being a part of making you safe, making your community safe, making your parish safe and, by extension, making Jamaica safe,” he said. Authorised Officer for Detainees, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Ainsley McCarthy, told JIS News in an interview on Thursday, March 1, that during the period ending February 28, a total of 916 persons were taken into custody. last_img read more

PokerStars owner sells its stake in NYX Gaming for 35 million to

first_imgTORONTO – The Stars Group Inc. (TSX:TSGI) has agreed to sell all of its stake in NYX Gaming Group Ltd. for $35.5 million cash to a company that’s been working on a friendly takeover of the Las Vegas-based company (TSXV:NYX).The buyer is Scientific Games Corp. (Nasdaq:SGMS) which will pay $2.40 for each ordinary share of NYX and each preferred share of NYX Digital Gaming (Canada) ULC purchased from Stars Group — owner of PokerStars.Scientific Games has also agreed to a price adjustment for the Toronto-based Stars Group in certain circumstances if it pays more than $2.40 per share to acquire the rest of NYX — which has an enterprise value of about $775 million.NYX shares closed on Sept. 19 at $1.13 prior to the original announcement of its friendly takeover agreement with Scientific Games. They opened Friday at $2.41, down from a post-offer high of $2.48 on Wednesday.The original deal between NYX and Scientific Games was announced Sept. 20 and amended on Nov. 21.last_img read more

QA What Facebooks shift could mean to users businesses

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – In coming days, Facebook users will see fewer posts from publishers, businesses and celebs they follow. Instead, Facebook wants people to see more stuff from friends, family and other people they are likely to have “meaningful” conversations with — something the company laments has been lost in the sea of videos, news stories (real and fake), and viral quizzes on which “Big Bang Theory” character you are.Here are some frequently asked questions about what users and businesses might expect from the changes.__WHY IS FACEBOOK DOING THIS?CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been doing a bit of soul-searching about the negative effects his company may be having on society and its users’ psyches. He’s come a long way since November 2016, when he dismissed the notion that fake news on Facebook could have influenced the U.S. presidential election as a “pretty crazy idea .”Now it’s his personal goal for 2018 to fix the site and weed out hate, abuse, meddling by malicious nation states, while also making it more “meaningful” and less depressing for users.While he acknowledges that Facebook may never be completely free of malign influences, Zuckerberg says that the company currently makes “too many errors enforcing our policies and preventing the misuse of our tools.”The company also faces pressure from regulators in the U.S. and abroad, and a growing backlash from academics, lawmakers and even early executives and investors about the ways in which social media may be leaving us depressed, isolated, bombarded by online trolls and addicted to our phones.Facebook would much rather make changes on its own than have its hand forced by regulators — or to see disillusioned users move on to other, newer platforms.___HOW WILL IT AFFECT THE COMPANY’S BUSINESS?Facebook’s stock price dropped almost 6 per cent on Friday morning before regaining some ground. That suggests investors take Facebook seriously when it says the move will likely make users spend less time on its service. Less time, of course, means fewer advertising eyeballs at any given time.This is a huge shift for Facebook, which until recently has been laser-focused on keeping users glued to the service by offering a bevy of notifications and “engaging” but low-value material.Facebook has been doing very well financially. Its stock hit an all-time high earlier this month, and the company’s market value is more than $522 billion. Its quarterly results routinely surpass Wall Street’s expectations.So arguably the company can afford to shift its focus a bit away from quarterly profit gains and metrics like “user engagement” that get advertisers salivating. Zuckerberg already signalled this would happen late last year, when he said the company’s planned investments in preventing abuse would hurt profitability.While the changes could hurt Facebook’s business in the short term, happier users could make for better profits over the long term. At least, that’s what the company hopes.___IS THIS THE END FOR BRANDS AND PUBLISHERS ON FACEBOOK?Many news organizations, bloggers and businesses have grown reliant on Facebook to spread information — articles, videos, infomercials — to their followers without paying for ads. The changes could jeopardize that route to their audiences, though some speculate it could be a ploy to force these companies to buy more Facebook ads.“It’s obvious that the days of getting exposure as a business on Facebook are coming to an end,” said Michael Stelzner, the CEO of social media marketing company Social Media Examiner. While Facebook has made plenty of changes to its news feed algorithm in the past, he said, this time might be different.That’s because Facebook is being “far more explicit” in its wording about what sorts of posts will diminish. “It has never been this black and white,” Stelzner said.___WON’T THIS JUST REINFORCE THE “FILTER BUBBLES” THAT TRAP USERS AMONG THE LIKE-MINDED?Do you enjoy arguing with people you disagree with? Maybe, maybe not. But Facebook’s goal is to make people happier using the site — not to expose them to opposing views. So yes, this is possible.That said, company says this is how people make friends and interact with each other offline. We gravitate toward people like us. And Facebook says its own research shows that users are exposed to more divergent views on its platform than they would be otherwise. Of course, this is difficult to verify independently, since the company doesn’t often show that data to outsiders.___ARE PEOPLE REALLY GOING TO SPEND LESS TIME ON FACEBOOK?Admitting that its changes will likely reduce the time people spend on Facebook less was a big deal for the company. Video, especially, has been a big focus for the social media giant — and videos have been especially good at keeping users around. This latest move, however, will de-emphasize videos too.While it’s too early to tell what users will do, there’s little reason not to trust Facebook on this particular question.___WILL THE CHANGES MAKE PEOPLE HAPPIER OR SADDER?The jury is still out on how seeing mostly exuberant posts from friends and family affects people over time.Facebook obviously believes most of its users enjoy keeping up with what’s happening in their social circles, even if the material being shared mostly revolves around parties, vacations and other fun times while omitting life’s inevitable challenges and tedium. Sharing these moments together, Facebook reasons, deepens the connections between people, even if they can’t always be together offline.But some research and anecdotal evidence suggests that Facebook can make people feel isolated, inadequate or alienated as they experience a phenomenon known as “fear of missing out,” or FOMO. Teenagers are particularly prone to “Facebook depression” as they try to measure up to and fit in with their peers, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics .But other researchers believe how people react to Facebook depends on their personality. If you’re prone to anxiety, insecurity or already unhappy with your life, then seeing other people having fun could deepen your feelings of missing out or being left out. If you’re confident and content with your life, then seeing a friend or family member with a smile on their face could make you happy too.A recent article in Perspectives on Psychological Science concluded that already lonely people who use Facebook and other social media as a substitute for real-life relationships tend to end up feeling more isolated. But when Facebook is used to deepen friendships that have already been struck and to forge new relationships, the social network helps people feel less alone.___AP technology writer Michael Liedtke contributed from San Ramon, California.last_img read more

Campaign for byelection in four Assembly constituencies concludes

first_imgKolkata: Campaign in four Assembly constituencies where by-election will be held on May 19, came to an end on Friday afternoon. By-election in Nowda and Kandi Assembly seats will be held on May 20.The seats at Bhatpara, Islampur, Darjeeling and Habibpur (ST) seats fell vacant as the MLAs who had been elected from these seats in 2016 are contesting in the Lok Sabha polls. Bhatpara Assembly seat under Barrackpore Lok Sabha seat has drawn maximum attention where Madan Mitra of Trinamool Congress is contesting against Pawan Singh of BJP. The seat fell vacant after Arjun Singh, former Trinamool Congress MLA left the party and to contest on BJP ticket in the Lok Sabha poll. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaMitra won the by-election from Bishnupur (West) seat in 2009. In 2011, when Mamata Banerjee came to power, he was elected from Kamarhati and became the Transport minister in Banerjee’s Cabinet. He got involved in multi-crore Sarada scam and resigned. He lost the Assembly election in 2016. Mitra is confident about his victory. Binay Tamang is contesting as a Gorkha Jana Murti Morcha from Darjeeling Assembly seat. The seat fell vacant after Amar Singh Rai went on to contest as a Trinamool candidate in the Lok Sabha election. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayAbdul Karim Chowdhury of Trinamool is contesting in the by election from Islampur seat that falls under Raigunj Lok Sabha seat. MLA Kanaia Lal Agarwal is contesting in the Lok Sabha from Raigung seat. Amal Kishku of Trinamool is contesting from Habibpur (ST) seat. The by-election in Nowda and Kandi Assembly seats will be held on May 20. The MLA from Nowda in Murshidabad district, Abu Taher Khan is contesting in Lok Sabha seat. Apurba Sarkar who was the MLA from Kandi is contesting against his mentor Adhir Chowdhury in Berhampur seat.last_img read more

EU Urged to Shed Light on Killing by Algerian Army of

first_imgBrussels – French Socialist Euro-deputy Gilles Pargneaux urged the European Commission to shed light on the killing by the Algerian army of two Sahrawi tradesmen at the Algerian-Mauritanian border.Two young Sahrawi tradesmen were killed in January by the Algerian army in the “Oudiyat Toutret” region, at the border between Algeria and Mauritania, asked Pargneaux in a question to European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.Khatri Ahmedha Khandoud and Aliyenne Mohammed Abbih were boarding a car when they were shot in the Algerian army, said the French Socialist MP, noting that both men were killed by live ammunition. Pargneaux asked the European Union foreign policy chief if she is intending to conduct an investigation to shed light on this incident and uncover the truth.last_img read more