What a difference a year of data science makes

first_imgTo foster collaborations with researchers outside of Harvard, earlier in the year HDSI convened three roundtable discussions between Elsevier scientists and Harvard faculty to explore research partnerships in three broad areas: key factors for scientific impact on policy, interpretative models for precision medicine, and social and behavioral determinants of health care. In addition, a master sponsored research agreement has been created.“Faculty are eager to use real-world data sets to answer complex questions of profound societal importance,” said Elizabeth Langdon-Gray, HDSI’s executive director. “Through these kinds of relationships, the HDSI is able to facilitate access to a wealth of data, and also foster the relationships between academic and industry researchers that are critical to meaningful engagement with that data.”HDSI funds both faculty research grants and postdoctoral fellowships. At an open house event in May, three faculty awardees presented work that showcased the core of the initiative’s mission to support research.Presenters included Professor of Physics Matthew Schwartz, who gave a lightning talk on how machine learning, which uses statistical models to automate computer science, is reshaping the frontiers of particle physics by significantly speeding developments; Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science Yiling Chen, who spoke on the challenges of eliciting and studying data that isn’t based in directly observable, empirical information (such as subjective data culled from surveys); and T.H. Chan School Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Jeffrey Miller, who is working close the loop between statistics and science in the field of aging.New grants from HDSI’s competitive research fund, which disbursed on June 1, will address opportunities in fields ranging from smartphone-based digital phenotyping to statistical modeling in climate science, scalable algorithms, and functional neuroscience.In the fall, four new postdoctoral fellows, chosen from more than 260 applications, will join HDSI: Karianne Bergen, a computational and mathematical engineer from Stanford; Jenny Chen, who studied health sciences and technology at MIT; Max Kleiman-Weiner, a brain and cognitive scientist, also from MIT; and Gonzalo Mena, a statistician from Columbia. These fellows will have the opportunity to be mentored by and collaborate with the growing community of more than 100 Harvard scholars who share ideas and expertise in the data science.“Today’s complex social problems require large-scale, partnered interventions,” said HDSI Co-Director Francesca Dominici, professor of biostatistics at the Harvard Chan School. “Through Harvard’s Data Science Initiative, computer scientists are working with oncologists, who are working with neuroscientists, who are working with data scientists to tackle vast, data-driven projects with shared topics of interest.“We are imagining bold visions of how we’d like to change the world, and then actually going about doing so.”The Data Science Initiative will hold its annual conference on Oct. 17 and 18, with details available here. After a successful first year, the Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI) will focus its second on five research themes designed to foster opportunities for collaboration both among Harvard’s Schools and beyond its walls.Come fall, research activity for the initiative will coalesce around personalized health, evidence-based policy, networks and markets, data-driven scientific discovery, and methodology. HDSI will fundraise to these themes, aligning them to program offerings, research grants, and student and postdoctoral support.“The accomplishments of our first year are built on Harvard’s commitment to advancing data science, and we look forward to expanding our impact in the years to come,” said HDSI Co-Director David Parkes, the George F. Colony Professor of Computer Science. “These new research themes reflect conversations with key players across the University, and we feel confident that they convey the essence of what it means to do data science at Harvard. They recognize that successful data science must, first and foremost, respect rigorous data science methodologies, and then take things one step further, through innovative application to problems at the forefront of all fields.”Establishing a strong foundation for future growth, since its launch in March 2017 Harvard Schools have introduced three new master’s degree programs: biomedical informatics at Harvard Medical School (which also offers a Ph.D. program), health data science at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and data science through the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. HDSI-affiliated faculty have also created a certificate program in business analytics as a joint offering between the Harvard Business School and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the HDSI launched a corporate membership program, the first of its kind at Harvard, to facilitate relationships between members of academia and industry both seeking to address challenges in data science. The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news.last_img read more

Local Volunteer Fire Department Holding Chicken BBQ Fundraiser Saturday

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Stock Photo: Barry Riley / US NavyFLUVANNA – A local fire department is holding a chicken dinner fundraiser to help keep its emergency services running.The Fluvanna Fire Department is holding its second Chiavetta’s Chicken BBQ on Saturday at 11 a.m. until all food is sold.Each dinner is $10 with a half a chicken, two sides and a roll.The department says the pervious fundraising effort was a large success and the group has already received several meal requests for the upcoming event. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent gathering restrictions, the volunteer fire department relied on bingo funds to manage expenses.The department is also giving away two free meals to a Facebook fan who likes, shares and follows their page.last_img read more

Joseph Mariathasan: Big decisions over China for Europe and the UK

first_imgPicking a side in the trade war should be easy, argues Ashmore’s Jan Dehn“It should be an easy decision,” argues Dehn. His prognosis for the US economy is dire, likening it to Argentina in the 2000s under the presidencies of Néstor Carlos Kirchner and then his wife Cristina Kirchner.  Dehn sees Trump’s fiscal stimulus, amounting to 7-8% of GDP, as likely to lead to inflation, twin deficits and a real exchange rate overvaluation. As a result, the US will become less competitive, with Trump responding by increasing protectionism.In sharp contrast, Xi Jinping gave a robust defence of free trade and globalisation at the 2017 Davos meeting. For the euro-zone, China could – and perhaps should – become a more important trading partner than the US.“It will be the world’s global hegemon by the middle of this century,” declares Dehn. Its economy will be two or three times the size of the US by then, he believes, and driven mainly by the growth of domestic consumption.Post-Brexit dealsThe UK needs global customers and a new set of opportunities after exiting the EU in March 2019. China may well be the most important country in the world on which to focus its attention – and it is perhaps fortunate timing in that regard.The US has lost some international credibility under the president’s “America First” approach to international negotiations. China, meanwhile, is seeking to find reliable allies. It has a good relationship with Germany, France and Italy, but none of these are close, and Germany was reportedly upset after Chinese car company Geely bought a 10% stake in Daimler at the start of this year.If China liberalises market access to foreign companies it will benefit everybody, not just the UK or the EU. President Xi has said that China intends to continue to liberalise and open up, and he wants to see more exports from western countries of products that Chinese people want to buy, in an effort to reduce China’s trade surplus with the west. That is a particular issue for president Trump.What Europe will see is an increasing flow of Chinese tourists eager to explore the continent’s major centres of culture and history. However, as Venice has begun limiting its tourists and Cambridge has found ways to regulate the flow of Chinese tour groups, the UK and continental Europe must recognise they cannot just become theme parks for affluent Chinese visitors. They need to embrace their respective relationships with China with gusto – and perhaps recognise Jan Dehn’s warnings of the dangers of sticking too closely to the US.Any closer relationship with China has to deal with key areas of political controversy, such as its relationship with Taiwan, its activities in the South China Sea, and western support for the Dalai Lama and Tibet.None of these issues are sufficiently serious to disrupt future trading relationships. The China-UK relationship has certainly not suffered any strong disagreements recently that would tarnish its mutually proclaimed ‘golden era’, so the omens look good.For the UK post-Brexit, China is the poster child of what it hopes to achieve. The US trade dispute with China leaves the UK in a better competitive position to trade with China – but it may mean that Mandarin language classes should be replacing French and German in UK schools. Emerging markets, including Asia, have had a torrid time over the last few months. However, there has been little news of real substance outside of two key areas: the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates at the end of September, and the escalating trade dispute between the US and China.Issues emerging regarding specific countries, such as Turkey and Argentina, are relatively minor in terms of global impact. Clearly it is the trade dispute involving China, and not interest rate moves, that are unnerving emerging market investors.Europe and the UK are standing on the sidelines in the escalating war of words between the Donald Trump-led US administration and Xi Jinping’s China.Trump’s strategy in dealmaking appears always to start off with extreme – and at times almost outrageous – positions and then strike a compromise that achieves the real goal. That may well be the case with China, although many in Europe have some sympathy with Trump’s complaints over Chinese behaviour post-accession to the World Trade Organisation. The danger is that Trump achieves a Pyrrhic victory by tipping the world into recession through disrupting global trade flows with China. Jan Dehn, global head of research at Ashmore Investment Management, says Europe has to make a key decision: should it continue to have a heavy exposure to the US, or should it diversify away from the US towards a less familiar but approachable China?last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgA Swiss government panel overseeing the federal prosecution office says it appointed Stefan Keller to evaluate four complaints filed by unidentified people. The statement gave no timetable for Keller to either dismiss the complaints as unfounded or recommend further investigations. Lauber and Infantino met twice in 2016 and again in June 2017 while the attorney general controlled a sprawling investigation into corruption linked to the governing body of soccer and officials worldwide. Update on the latest sports Associated Press Kipsang won the bronze medal in the marathon at the 2012 London Olympics and broke the world record the following year in Berlin.F1-FERRARI’S ENGINERival teams still want answers about Ferrari’s 2019 engineSPIELBERG, Austria (AP) — Rival teams still want answers about whether Ferrari’s engine last season was legal or not, after an investigation was closed following a private settlement with governing body FIA.Questions were raised as to whether Ferrari’s fuel-flow exceeded its maximum permitted amount of 100 kilograms per hour. Teams argued that this may have been a key reason for Ferrari’s notably superior speed on long straights and its remarkable run of six straight pole positions. DOPING-KIPSANGKenyan runner Wilson Kipsang banned for missing doping testsMONACO (AP) — Former marathon world record holder Wilson Kipsang has been banned for four years after a series of missed doping tests. A ruling published by the Athletics Integrity Unit states that the Kenyan runner was found to have missed three tests and failed to provide timely information on his whereabouts on a fourth occasion in 2018 and 2019. Kipsang was also found to have tampered with the doping control process by making false claims in relation to two of the missed tests. July 3, 2020 Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says “it does nothing but promote suspicion when there are private agreements.” The FIA is now prepared to share its conclusions but needs Ferrari’s permission and the Italian manufacturer is refusing.SOCCER_FIFA INVESTIGATIONProsecutor to probe attorney general-FIFA president meetingsGENEVA (AP) — A special prosecutor has been appointed in Switzerland to assess complaints about alleged criminal conduct when attorney general Michael Lauber had undisclosed meetings with FIFA president Gianni Infantino. Pressure has been mounting on the organization to abandon the name amid the national debate over race. Advocates call a “dictionary-defined racial slur.” Investors this week wrote to FedEx, PepsiCo and other sponsors asking them to request a change. FedEx is believed to be the first to take action.The company paid the team $205 million in 1999 for the naming rights to FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, where the team plays. In addition, FedEx CEO Frederik Smith is a minority owner. On Thursday night, Nike appeared to remove all Redskins gear from its online store. The other 31 NFL teams were listed and a search for “Redskins” came up with no results. Nike did not immediately respond to an email message seeking comment.Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser has called the name an “obstacle” to the team returning to the District. The team’s lease at FedEx Field expires in 2027, and it is still talking to Washington, Virginia and Maryland about building a new stadium. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNFL NEWSFedEx asks Redskins to change their nameWASHINGTON (AP) — FedEx has told the Washington Redskins it wants the NFL team to change its name. last_img read more