Bride searches for answers after Sarcoa closes

Ann Jennings booked and has been busy planning her wedding at Sarcoa. It’s been more than three weeks since the Hamilton Waterfront restaurant was forced to close after its lease was terminated, and she still doesn’t know where she is getting married.Ann was watching CHCH News when she learned Sarcoa had its lease terminated by the Hamilton Waterfront Trust after claims they racked up $226 000 in unpaid rent and violated their lease. At this point though Ann and her fiance haven’t been contacted by JEM Hospitality- which handles special events at Sarcoa- even though they have a contract, a wedding date set for November 7th and have put down a $500 deposit.More than two weeks ago JEM Hospitality said it would be announcing a new arrangement which would include access to three different venues not far from hereShe says she has looked at other venues but this spot is special.She’s also relying on her $500 deposit to secure another venue, but two weeks ago when we spoke to JEM Hospitality we were told those deposits wouldn’t be returned and they were working on finding new venues for their clients.In the fine print the contract states if the facility has been changed for whatever reasons “the caterer reserves the right to substitute an alternate facility for the event at its sole discretion.” read more