Top UN relief official calls for major changes in world humanitarian efforts

In his keynote address at the annual UN Department of Public Information (DPI)/non governmental organizations (NGO) forum Mr. Egeland proposed that the UN develop a more predictable funding base, strengthen response capacity, and develop a more predictable right to access, with improved security for aid workers. Referring to Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s report, “In Larger Freedom,” he urged UN members and NGOs to work cooperatively to meet the objectives of peace and security, development, human rights and United Nations reform. He also said that the world needs to harness the energies, resources and imagination of all sectors of society, and called for a moral and ethical revolution to match our technical progress, so that the benefits of innovation and technology could be available for all people who need them. The 58th Conference, “Our Challenge: Voices for Peace, Partnership, and Renewal” brought NGO’s together with representatives of Member States to discuss civil society’s perspective on issues of importance prior to the opening of 2005 World Summit. read more