Public Institutions Are Obliged to Use Arabic in Documents Correspondences Minister

Rabat – State departments, local communities and public institutions are all obliged to use the Arabic language in their documents and correspondences, says Mohamed Moubdii, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, for Civil Service and Modernization of Public Administration.Speaking in a session of oral questions in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, the Moroccan Minister said that two publications have been issued by the Prime Minister in 1998 and 2008, compelling state departments, local communities and public institutions to use Arabic and to abstain from using foreign languages except in cases involving third parties or technical documents that are difficult to translate into Arabic.Mohammed Moubdii went on to say that the Arabic language is an essential ingredient of the Moroccan identity, highlighting that chapter 5 of the Moroccan constitution clearly states that “Arabic remains the official language of the state and that the state shall protect and develop its use.” The Minister also said that the government took new measures to reinforce the presence of the Arabic language inside the Moroccan administration such as a lexicon of administrative terminology in order to assist departments use the Arabic language. read more