Over 11000 Syrian Refugees Treated at Moroccan Zaatari Hospital in January

Amman – Some 11,464 Syrian refugees received medical services at the Moroccan field hospital in Zaatari camp, North-east of Jordan, in last January.According to the statistics provided by the hospital administration, children were on the top of those who were extended health services with 4,542 cases, followed by women (3,810) and men (3,112).As many as 3,031 emergency cases, 1,238 pediatric cases and 2,600 general medicine cases were referred to the hospital. Some 8,749 prescriptions were offered by the different departments of the hospital to patients and 77 surgical operations were carried out by the hospital staff in last January.The Moroccan field hospital, located on the borders between Jordan and Syria, has a capacity of 60 beds.