Michigan Spokesman Explains Why The Two Teams Scuffled 2 Hours Before Kickoff Saturday

first_imgDevin Bush kicking Michigan State's logo.By now, you’ve likely seen the video of Michigan linebacker Devin Bush purposely scuffing up Michigan State’s midfield logo ahead of the two teams’ rivalry contest on Saturday morning. We now have an explanation as to how and why that happened.A Michigan spokesperson told a number of reporters in the stadium that Michigan State was supposed to do its “walk” up the field at 9:50 AM. The Wolverines said that they were told they could take the field at 10:00 AM.Michigan says that Michigan State’s players were late for their walk. When they encountered Michigan’s players on the field, a scuffle ensued. Bush later roughed up the midfield logo in protest of the situation.So there you have it – it was a time miscommunication, at least according to Michigan.Michigan says it was told MSU was going to do its walk at 9:50 am. UM players believed they were allowed to take the field at 10 am. Walk was, per U-M’s understanding, late. No one asked them to leave the field apparently.And by now you know the result.— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) October 20, 2018#Michigan spokesman says MSU players were 10 minutes late to the field for their march, “close lined” Lawrence Marshall and ripped the head phones off Lavert Hill.— Aaron McMann (@AaronMcMann) October 20, 2018Bush, for sure, will be criticized for his actions regardless. Jim Harbaugh is going to be asked both before and after the contest about his linebacker’s decision.Michigan and Michigan State will kick off at Noon ET. This one is going to get chippy.last_img read more