10 people that are even lazier than you are

first_imgSOMETIMES, THE THOUGHT of actually getting up off your arse and doing something is so horrifying that the easy way out seems like the only option.You’re not proud of your occasional laziness, but at least you’re not this bad.(We apologise in advance for the rage these images may induce.)1. Why? Source: Imgur2. Seriously?! Source: Imgur3. Inexcusable Source: Imgur4. *shakes head* Source: Imgur5. Can’t. Cope. Source: Bitsandpieces6. IT’S RIGHT THERE Source: Imgur7. Why can’t you just… Oh forget it Source: Imgur8. *twitch* Source: Imgur9. NOPE Source: Imgur10. ARRRGHHHH Source: Imgur9 very lazy things you definitely do all the time>8 shamelessly lazy cooking habits we can never admit to>last_img